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Adventure Unfolds

Planning a trip?

Whenever you are a seasoned traveler or you
just start to explore the world, you should never settle for less than the
best. With Mavic Air, every trip is epic and every shot stunning.

Learn several Easy Functions of Mavic Air to Make Your Journey Epic:


The Mavic Air can follow your movements automatically. Whether you’re running, biking, hiking or surfing, it help you capture special moments in stunning new ways.

QuickShot: Asteroid

With one tap, the Mavic Air will automatically fly away and take a 10s spherical panorama video that resembles an asteroid falling to earth. Asteroid looks most epic above beaches, wide open spaces, and lakes.

QuickShot: Boomerang

With one tap, the Mavic Air will automatically fly around you like a boomerang, capturing everything in a stunning, cinematic video. Boomerang looks most epic
at the top of a mountain!

It’s time
for your adventure to unfold.
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